Friday, November 26, 2010


Happy thanksgiving!
I did NOTHING but sit my lazy butt on the couch, stuff my face and watch old movies...
It was glorious!

I am currently obsessed with my Scandinavian roots
and have been working on a few pieces that combine my love of stripes with Fair Isle Patterns.

This tunic is almost finished.

and I did this the other day


  1. Happy Thanksgiving baby. We miss you, been thinking of you. Piper says, "Happy thanksgiving, I miss you and Fanny." Audrey says, "I want to ride your horse." Damion says, "Happy Thanksgiving is fine."
    Ha ha!

  2. Aw I miss you guys terribly! Give those bunnies a hug from Auntie A. I hope to visit soon. Big hug my love!